Forestry Management

Forestry Management

Tree Removal

Tudor Rose Forestry Management – South East, Kent and London area.

Trees are mechanically cut down for timber. This includes cutting down of whole trees which are then stacked and graded ready for transportation. The smaller planks are used for biomass fuel while the fully developed trees are cut down for timber.

Forestry Mulching

Forestry Management Kent

Any remains from the logging is then mulched. The remains include scrub vegetation, brush from the cut-down trees or any roots that were not sold for timber. The mulch is then ready for integration into the top soil. It is a good and effective environmental friendly option.

Arboriculture works

Tudor Rose Landscapes offers a wide and well-researched Forestry and Arboricultural services inclusive of tree management and logging packages. All this is done with strict adherence to the industry’s best practices and set procedures.

We provide for both commercial, large scale and private wood management contracts. This may include woodlands, hedges, highway contacts and specimen trees. All our services are carried out by our professional and experienced Arborists who make sure that the desired quality as per the set guidelines is achieved.

Services include, but not limited to;

Dismantling, pruning, thinning and reshaping, crown lifting, stump grinding, bracing, logging and hedge cutting.