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Site Clearance

Site and Tree Clearance Services

Tree Clearance Kent

Tudor Rose Landscapes is a conglomerate made up of top-notch contractors offering the widest selection of site and vegetation and tree clearance services. Our experienced and professional staff can work with different markets- construction, utility, forestry and commercial industries. Our excellent vegetation and tree clearance services include mechanised tree clearance, tree surgery, habitat mitigation, forestry and mulching and whole tree chipping. We have a specialist for each tree or site clearance you need. We also have the latest high-end equipment and technical know-how to carry out our work in accordance with the latest compliance requirements.

Our tree clearance and site services team is based in the South East area. We provide quick, efficient clearance services and can adapt to a wide variety of situations. We can work on both brown or green field sites, for any clearance project and on a wide range of clearing environments. Some of our past experiences include working with high profile companies and clients and servicing railway track sides, power stations and other similarly large contractors.

Stump Grinding

Stumps are what’s left of a tree once it has been felled down. Though they may look harmless, these stumps actually are a breeding ground for fungal root rots and are prone to suckering. Removing them from the earth can pose an issue as they are massive and heavy, but our specialists have the right equipment and the technique to uproot them easily when needed. We can also use weedkiller to remove the stubborn tree stumps.

Tree stumps may be left alone on the ground after the felling process, but it eventually causes pesky issues, i.e., suckering, or when new shoots rise up and invade the roots and the trunk.

While dead stumps may not be susceptible to suckering, they can cause other problems for people. Over time, they can and usually host deadly root diseases like the honey fungus. Taking them out via stump grinding is the best way to clear out unnecessary risks and problems down the road.